Friday, February 18, 2011

Beyond the Ties that Bind

The day i still remember while sitting on the front porch, with the same old coffee cup in ma right hand, watching the early sun rise, feeling the fallal morning, which quite a number of times make me feel of the things that can be thought of at the time of stagnation, life's not gonna be that arid after all, all you gonna do is to have this sort of endowment inside people call THE BORN TALENT. I guess a better term typifying the same's gonna be 'knack'. I don't know how people possess it, all I know's that they do, it won't be fair to call'em knacky although. Having met a number of them both in here as well as abroad. Neither do, I've been able to work out some sort of striking correspondence between them, nor do I've been able to sense their talent secrets. Perhaps someone who possess will be able to do the same, and that's exactly the sort of people said to be the alluring ones. One i know's named Malcom Gladwell, the author know for his works in non-fiction. One of the best of his works, being The Outliers. The man works out the similarities among the people from entirely different fields of interest, and presents the same in his excellent works, a number of them being the best-sellers too. God knows how he's been able to judge the resemblance among the success of The Silicon Valley Legends like Bill Gates, Billy Joe and all the music maniac's 1st priorities, I guess you know where I'm going with it in a moment, yup the one n only Beatles. Once read through, no one can pass up the facts of him being the righteous one's. I guess not even John Lennon himself, who rose to the worldwide fame without even knowing that there can be reasons this fellow've worked out bout'em. So, that's the sort of glare a handful of people on the face of this planet possess that takes others off sometimes. Atleast it works when it comes to me. Not all people are like them, may be because variations n changes' a natural law. Some one once said, god made all people special, the difference lies in the recognition of the speciality. Although the same person else have the reason as to why even god didn't made everyone odd in the crowd.She called me on the stage, n made me look at the stage carefully, n then gracious asked, 'What do you see my son?'. The vulgar reply from me - 'Just an empty stage, that's all i see'. The next question she entreated, 'You noticed anything odd my son?', the replies from my side gonna be foreseeable again 'I ain't noticed nothing, it's all empty'. 'That's all I wanted you to notice, it's EMPTY', she exclaimed. 'The world being a big stage where everyone's got some role to play' she continued, 'n god has provided each with just the enough ingenuity to complete the same successfully'. 'So no matter who you are, what you got, where you from, what you do, all you gonna need is not to ravage the precious time n brain of your's that god gifted, thinking about having n not having, instead, see to what you can do with all you got inside of your soul, that's what exactly's your true advocator'.