Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let there be Light ...

Ever wondered how many times you've served the nation? No doubt you'll end up coming across a number of places you see the paraphrase 'To serve India', be it some government office buildings, some tourist attraction or some old monument now left in shreds. The following morning while I was reading the daily, just came across an article by an IITian, who, like an orthodox one from these institutions, did his masters from Massachusetts and now, probably serving some other country. He started talking about the hostel fee over there which used to be 10 bucks, and the annual fee being 25 bucks. Foxed ! From where does the money to run one of the best institutions of the country comes from? It however wasn't a matter of surprise for me and i guess wouldn't be for people from a few of those good colleges. By 'good', I'm pointing out the few counted as the best in the country and fortunately for me, I'm a part of one of those. Even in my college the annual fee is round about 25k bucks, still much less as compared to the other privately funded institutions, few of which charge eight times the amount and when in comes to the comparison, no matter the basis you choose for it, they don't stand a chance against the former ones. So, getting back to the same question, from where does the amount required to keep these colleges alive gets rendered? Well, in case an Indian is reading this post right now, the quiz must not be as tough as it looks. Of course, public taxes. Now government channels quite a component of it to run these institutions. So, it puts forth another question, 'Do these institutions need a healthy portion of this money to run? If you look at the bigger picture, keeping in view the state of the rest of the country including those for whom a countless number of times meeting both ends is a hell of a task, charging a fee of twenty five is a decision as insane as it could get. There doesn't seem to be much of a sense into it. The viability of the nation is in making sure of the fact that the rural population doesn't perish at the hands of famine, there's no point providing comforts of charging less fee to the upper middle class comparing to those who really deserve it. 600 million below the poverty line need the subsidies more than anyone else and to get over the worst of their times. There has to be a proper channel to put some sort of sense into the government veterans who's judgments make majority of population scratch their heads. On the other hand they at the same time, expect an annual growth of over 10% in every five year plan they make. The same cycle's being going on over and over for the past three five year plans in a row and who know's the series has just got initiated. The failure leads to rising of public taxes which ultimately results in lower amount of money in the hands and reduction of money supply in the market causing inflation, guess what the days just get worse for those already felling the heat of starvation.
To conclude, the government policies must include abeyance to pumping of government money into the fields capable of maintaining the extant without it, and should channel it to some place it genuinely belong.
Let there be hope for rural India, let there be light ...

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